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Welcome to the GMDSS Short Range Certificate Course

The RYA SRC (Short Range Certificate) course is a one day course with a requirement for 10 hours training, covering the use of VHF/DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Radio under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. On completion you will obtain the Short Range Certificate which entitles you to operate a VHF/DSC Radio as a competent radio operator, safe in the knowledge you know the correct procedure for making distress, urgency and safety messages by the means of marine VHF/DSC Radio. VHF Radio equipped with DSC are replacing VHF only radios in small craft, the advantage being that the equipment provides automated distress alerting via Digital Selective Calling by a simple push button operation which sends a distress call.

The Short Range Certificate has replaced the old VHF licence and holders of the old licence are entitled to operate VHF radio equipment but must update to the SRC if they fit or operate DSC equipment. It is illegal to operate any VHF or VHF/DSC set without a licence.

The RYA VHF/DSC Marine Radio Short Range Certificate One Day Course is 10 hours including up to 3 hours guided self learning prior to the course. The cost of the course is £95 which includes a RYA VHF Handbook and light refreshments. There is also the cost of a RYA Licence Fee which is £60. The Centre is equipped with two VHF/SRC Training Simulator radios and a computer simulator.

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