Topics Covered On The Course

The Short Range Certificate includes the following Topics:

About Marine Radio
How the Radio Works
Using the Radio
  Instruction will be given on the Centre's Training Radios:
VHF/DSC (Digital Selective Calling) Distress, Safety and Routine Calling and MMSI (Maritime Mobile Selective Identity) numbers.
  Global Maritime Distress and Safety
Distress Calling
  Voice procedures: Mayday call, Mayday Relay, Pan-Pan call, Pan-Pan with medical assistance. Urgency and Safety Calling.
  MSI (Maritime Safety Information) broadcasts, Weather warnings, etc., Stations.
Portable Safety Equipment
  EPIRB (Emergency Positioning Indication Radio Beacon)
SART (Search and Rescue Radar Transponder)
Phonetic Alphabet
  Alfa; Bravo; Charlie; Delta; Echo; Foxtrot; Golf; Hotel; India; Juliett; Kilo; Lima; Mike; November; Oscar; Papa; Quebec; Romeo; Sierra; Tango; Uniform; Victor; Whiskey; X-ray; Yankee; Zulu
Rules and Licensing

To enrol please telephone 07816 522948 or e-mail Alternatively to download the booking form click here.